Who is Anabella Guimarey?

A life dedicated to helping Startups and entrepreneurs succeed.

Anabella Guimarey is a visionary solopreneur who combines her entrepreneurial spirit, digital expertise, and business strategy acumen to empower startups and businesses for success. Born in Argentina, Anabella has dedicated her professional career to nurturing startups and driving their growth. With a diverse skill set and a passion for technology, she excels as a project manager, startup advisor, and CEO, while also leveraging her background in science and love for writing to share valuable insights with others.


Anabella's journey began in Buenos Aires, where her innate curiosity and passion for problem-solving led her to study geology at university. Her background in science instilled in her a strong analytical mindset and attention to detail, qualities that would become pivotal in her entrepreneurial endeavors. As she delved into the world of technology, Anabella realized her true calling: helping startups thrive and scale their operations.


Anabella's mission is to be the "glue" that takes development teams to the next level. She is driven by a desire to bridge the gap between technical expertise and strategic vision, ensuring that projects are effectively managed and delivered. Whether it's overseeing back-end and front-end development, infrastructure, IT, integrations, migrations, or implementations, Anabella's versatile skill set allows her to excel in diverse projects.


Specialized Operations for Startups and Entrepreneurs

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